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Neuromodulators, such as Botox, Xeomin, and Daxxify are injectable medications that temporarily block nerve signals to muscles, causing them to relax. This reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and creases in targeted areas of the face. At Rejuvenate Center, our skilled providers use neuromodulators to treat various areas, including the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the eyebrows. We aim to achieve a natural-looking and refreshed appearance tailored to each patient’s unique facial features and preferences.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm, Revanesse, and Radiesse, are injectable gels made from hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or other biocompatible materials. They work by filling in wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss in the skin to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. At Rejuvenate Center, our expert providers use dermal fillers to treat a variety of areas, including the lips, cheeks, under eyes, and nasolabial folds. We aim to achieve a natural-looking and balanced result that enhances your features.


Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment for reducing submental fullness, also known as a “double chin.”

The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat cells beneath the chin, Kybella permanently destroys them, resulting in a more defined and contoured jawline. At Rejuvenate Center, our experienced providers use Kybella to achieve a natural-looking result that enhances your facial profile.

Why Choose Rejuvenate Center?

At Rejuvenate Center, we understand that every patient is unique, and we strive to provide personalized treatments that meet their individual needs. Our clinic is led and supervised by Dr. Falguni Patel, a board-certified gynecological surgeon passionate about aesthetic medicine. We believe in building long-term relationships with our patients, and we will work closely with you to achieve the results you desire. Schedule a consultation today and discover why Rejuvenate Center is the premier choice for medical aesthetics in Aberdeen.

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