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The Revolutionary Solution for Women's Pelvic Health

VTone is a state-of-the-art technology that delivers intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and neuromuscular re-education to help women with weak pelvic floor muscles. This revolutionary device is FDA-cleared and provides a gentle yet effective way to rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles and address stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. With VTone, you can achieve a better quality of life and experience renewed confidence in your body.

VTone Treats

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Urge urinary incontinence
  • Mixed urinary incontinence
  • Pelvic pain
  • Low libido
  • Vaginal laxity

How VTone Works

VTone uses intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to improve pelvic floor muscle strength and function. The device delivers low-frequency electrical impulses to the pelvic floor muscles, which contract and relax in response. This process increases blood flow, improves muscle tone, and enhances neuromuscular control. The electrical stimulation also activates dormant muscle fibers and prompts the brain to establish new neuromuscular pathways. As a result, VTone can effectively treat weak pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence.

Benefits of VTone

  • Improved pelvic floor muscle strength and function
  • Enhanced neuromuscular control
  • Increased blood flow to the pelvic region
  • Reduced urinary incontinence symptoms
  • Improved sexual function and sensation
  • Non-invasive and pain-free treatment
  • Short treatment sessions
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • Long-lasting results with regular maintenance

What Happens During Your VTone Session

During your VTone session, you will be comfortably positioned on an exam table. Your healthcare provider will insert a small, ergonomically designed vaginal probe connected to the VTone device. The probe delivers low-frequency electrical impulses to your pelvic floor muscles, prompting them to contract and relax. You may feel a slight tingling or pulsing sensation, but the treatment is generally comfortable and pain-free. A typical session lasts 20-30 minutes, and you can return to your regular activities immediately afterward.

Recovery & Results

Recovery from a VTone session is quick and easy, with no downtime or recovery period required. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment. The results of VTone may be noticeable after one session, but a series of treatments is recommended for optimal results. As you continue with your treatment, you can expect improved pelvic floor muscle strength and function, reduced urinary incontinence symptoms, and enhanced sexual function and sensation. With regular maintenance, the results of VTone can be long-lasting.

Is VTone Right for You?

If you are experiencing symptoms related to weak pelvic floor muscles, urinary incontinence, or other related conditions, VTone may be an ideal treatment. This non-invasive, pain-free technology is suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds, and it is an excellent option for those who wish to improve their pelvic health. However, VTone may not be appropriate for everyone. Your healthcare provider can help you determine if VTone is right for you based on your medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals.

Why Choose Rejuvenate Center?

At Rejuvenate Center, we offer personalized treatments tailored to your needs and goals. Led and supervised by a board-certified gynecological surgeon, Dr. Falguni Patel, our team has extensive experience in women’s health and wellness. Our state-of-the-art facility features the latest technology, including VTone, to provide the best possible care. When you visit us, we take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Don’t let pelvic health issues hold you back. Schedule a consultation and experience the personalized care you deserve.

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